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Purity UV Gel Pure White 15g

Purity UV Gel Pure White 15g
Our Price:  £16.99(Exc. 20% VAT)(£20.39 Inc. VAT)Earn 16 Loyalty Points

Model:  N2277
Brand:  Pure Nails

Create the perfect white smile line by simply painting over an overlay.

Application Guideline

· Use Pure Nails Sanitising Spray to ensure hands and nails are sanitised before commencing any nail service

· Carry out a thorough preparation of the natural nail ensuring all non living tissue is removed from the nail plate using Pure Nails Cuticle Erase and a Pure Nails Manicure Tool

· Using a Pure Nails 240 grit file, shape the free edge and gently remove the surface shine of the natural nail

· Brush away any dust and debris; using a lint free pad work Pure Nails Nail Prep into the natural nail to thoroughly dehydrate and cleanse the nail plate

· If adding length, apply Pure Nails tips of choice, cut to length and blend if required

· Apply Purity Bonder - use with care and do not allow the bonder to flood into surrounding soft tissue

· Pick up a bead of Purity clear or pink gel on your brush (the bead needs to be approximately half the size of the nail plate)

· Place the bead onto the back third of the nail, using your brush gently tease the bead into place, covering the entire nail, allow to self level a little before placing hand into the lamp.  If you are going to do a French application, wipe off the free edge of the Purity clear or pink gel already applied before curing.  This will give the white gel a 'wall' of clear or pink gel to sit up to and help to create a perfect French finish

· Repeat on the remaining fingers of the hand

· Place the hand under a Pure Nails 36 watt UV lamp for 2 minutes

· While first hand of nails are curing, repeat application on the other hand.  Once the fingers are cured, repeat the application on both thumbs

· Apply a second layer of gel if necessary, this layer should be to perfect the coverage and the apex, the first layer should have built the strength into the overlay. Work following the same process as the initial application, curing the fingers and then the thumbs (wipe the gel off the free edge before curing if you are going to add white gel) then cure for 2 minutes

· Apply the Purity white gel into the desired smile, seal the free edge and cure for 2 minutes

· Remove the hand from the lamp and apply a thin layer of Purity clear gel to perfect the nail & seal the white gel

· The nails should now be covered with a strong and structured application of Purity UV Gel with a free margin being left around the side wall and cuticle area

· Apply Pure Nails Gel Cleanser to a Lint Free Wipe and wipe over the  surface of the nail to remove the sticky residue

· File into shape using a Pure Nails 180 grit file (no higher) if required; the surface of the nail should be smooth and even, use a White Block to  remove any surface scratches.

· Remove dust and apply Purity UV Gel Sealer, cure for 2 minutes

· Allow time for the nails to cool before finishing the application with Pure Nails Cuticle Feed